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FQ139 Cryo Ultra Facial skin tighten
technical parameters:
1. Ultrasound frequency should be 4MHZ
2. Ultrasonic output mode: high-energy focusing
3.Depth of focus: 1.75mm3.15mm4.75mm
4. Operating handles: replaceable
Operating handle working mode: single-point output, pulse output
Cooling method: semiconductor water cooling + air cooling system
 Instrument dimensions (length * width * height): 614 × 508 × 1400 (mm)
 Normal working conditions:
Ambient temperature range: 5  ~ 40
Relative humidity range: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure range: 86.0kPa ~ 106.0kPa
Power supply: 200-240VAC, 10A, 50-60HZ
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Guangzhou beauty equipment manufacturers - beir group is a collection of independent research and development, production, sales and after sales for the integration of medical and beauty apparatus producers, is also one of the enterprises that produces beauty machine with the funtions of body slimming, breast enhancement,haalth care and so on.Founded in 2005, the company has been adhering to the most advanced technology for ten years,strictly controlling the quality of products, continuously improving the quality service and enjoying good reputation in the cosmetic industry.Our company has been engaged in export business, the products are sold in 100 countries, and owned the worldwide partners.There are more than 100 cosmetic medical devices sold, and gain the most authoritative medical CE certification in Europe.What's more, the main products obtain the appearance patent certificate and protect the interests of the partners.

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